Our Legacy

Jack Kelége photoJack Kelége heirlooms begin as a dream, and are brought to life in our Los Angeles Master Studio with unsurpassed quality. Handsketched and then designed by Jack himself, each jewelry artpiece represents three generations of Kelége mastery.

Heirlooms are solely handcrafted by the Kelége artisan team, with an average 20-year mentorship with Jack, and then checked under a three-round quality control system. Truly tailored to their individual gems and diamonds, some Kelége heirlooms take months to plan and execute.

Jack Kelége bridal and fashion heirlooms are multi-unit manufactured, created from small, individually polished pieces. Assembled like a fine timepiece, our multi-unit method allows for precision detailing and innovation.

Diamonds and gemstones are completely hand-set in handmade prongs, allowing for maximum security while minimizing metal around stones. U-shaped settings under stones are first carved, then high-polished, affording uninhibited views of diamonds after setting.

The Kelége master engraver attends to the final detailing of each heirloom, ensuring that every flourish is carved into the metal with perfection and depth. Resulting heirlooms by Jack Kelége are each unique like a fingerprint, ready to author your legacy.

Legacy Materials

Jack Kelége heirlooms are made from the finest metals, chosen for specific color and longevity.

18k White Gold | 18k Yellow Gold

Our studio chooses to feature hypoallergenic 18k White Gold and 18k Yellow Gold, which has no zinc or nickel, and are alloyed with palladium. The resulting metal is extremely hard, durable, stays brighter longer, and lasts for generations to come.

14k Rose Gold

Chosen for its creamy, pink hue, our 14k Rose Gold took years to perfect. The Kelége Rose Gold is perfectly colored to flatter any skin tone, neither brassy nor pale, and does not include zinc or nickel. With our carefully selected 14k Rose Gold, your heirloom has added strength, stability, and beauty.


Platinum is the Jack Kelége precious metal of choice. Known for its premium “white” shine and unmatched metal memory, the classic Kelége 900 Platinum/100 Iridium mix is a superior heirloom metal used for carving intricate detail and meant for longevity. This Kelége Platinum requires supreme handling skill from an expert jeweler, a perfect artistic medium for our master artisan team.

Diamond Quality and Sourcing

Jack Kelége only uses responsibly-sourced diamonds from decades-long European diamantaire partnerships. Ideally cut diamonds are expertly hand-matched for size calibration, ensuring perfect match and optimal brilliance.

Gold Heirlooms: minimum G color / SI1 clarity
Platinum Heirlooms: minimum F color / VS clarity

Bespoke Heirlooms

Every Jack Kelége design can be customized to your desire, and our Master Studio offers comprehensive custom collaboration. To begin your custom journey, visit a Jack Kelége Stockist or contact us through our Concierge form. A Jack Kelége representative will connect with you within 48 hours.


The Kelége Promise

All Jack Kelége heirlooms feature a limited manufacturer warranty. This warranty ensures against manufacturer defects for the lifetime of its original ownership. Warranty claims must be coordinated through a Jack Kelége Stockist, require dated proof of purchase, and are subject to inspection and sole discretion of service. Repairs performed outside of Jack Kelége Master Studio are not covered by limited warranty.

Jack Kelége heirlooms are always welcomed for sizing and repair, regardless of age, purchase origin, or previous repair history . Should you heirloom require attention, please visit a Jack Kelége Stockist to obtain a personalized quote of work.


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